Dog Walking – £10 per hour

Dog walks carefully chosen in the beautiful countryside on a small pack, or one-to-one basis.
Your dog will be collected from your home and with your written consent I will consider off lead walks if they have shown a good level of obedience and recall. On return your dog will be hosed / towel dried and secured back in your home.
Your pet will receive an hour long walk with a small group of other well behaved and friendly dogs. The dogs are safely transported in my vehicle to an open area where they can exercise together in a controlled way. I limit numbers to a maximum of 4 dogs to ensure I always have complete control.

Individual One to One Dog Walk – £14 per hour

A 45 minute walk is available for dogs whose owners would rather their dog received 1-to-1 attention.
Dog walking is available Monday to Friday

Dog Boarding – £18 per 24 hours

I offer a home from home dog boarding service for well-behaved dogs. During their stay your dog will come to live in my home and be regarded as one of the family. The majority of our walks are straight from my front door, No sitting around in vans here!

Exercise is tailored to match your dog’s physical condition, age and ability.
Your dog is guaranteed at least 2 walks each day in this beautiful countryside and after initial assessments the walks may be off lead and could last anything from 1 – 2 hours.

When not out walking your dog will receive plenty of attention through interactive games, toys, a good brush if they enjoy being groomed and socialising with the other dogs in my care.
Or if they prefer they can choose to sleep on a comfy bed and in the winter relax in front of a warm fire.
PLEASE NOTE: I do not board uncastrated male dogs, destructive chewers or aggressive dogs. Your dog is likely to be boarded alongside other good natured dogs. Your dog must be vaccinated including Kennel Cough and fully up to date with good flea and worm treatments (not supermarket brands).

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day are charged at double rate.


Cat Sitting:  -£7 per visit

This is a perfect alternative when a cattery isn’t an option. Elderly or timid cats are especially suited to cat sitting as they can stay in their own home. I will visit once or twice a day to feed, stroke, brush, clean out litter trays, refresh their water and make sure that they’re in good overall health.

Puppy Care –£6 per visit

I understand that there may be occasions when you are unable to be there for your puppy’s constant needs. I can visit your puppy at your home and provide

them with some company and stimulation.


Puppies 8-12 weeks old
My puppy visits to your home last 30 minutes and cost £6

  • Feeding as per puppy’s routine
  • Clean water given
  • Garden play
  • Cuddles
  • Cleaning up any little accidents

Puppies (12-16 weeks)
These visits to your home last 40 minutes and cost £7
Once your puppy is fully vaccinated and is old enough to go outside an extended visit is provided.  A 30 minute walk, towel down cuddles and any little puppy ‘accidents’ cleaned up

Once your puppy is 6 months old it can join the normal adult dog walks (subject to availability).

Chicken Sitting – £6 per visit

If you are going away for a few days you can’t always find a friend / relative to help.  I can provide a daily visit to your lovely ladies to fill feeders and drinkers and to clean out the chicken coop.  Eggs will be collected and stored for your return.  I don’t offer a dawn to dusk service so this is only suitable to chickens kept in secure chicken runs or coops with automatic opening/closing doors.

Pet Visits – £6 per visit

Daily pet visits are a great relief for pet owners who travel a lot, work long hours, or are simply taking a well-deserved holiday.
Visits are available for any small animal (rabbits, hamsters, fish,  birds etc) the visit can include feeding and changing water, cleaning hutch / cage,  plant watering, turning lights on/off, opening/closing curtains, bringing in post and newspapers.

Wedding Day Service – price on request depending on travel times

If you want your dog to be part of your special day let me take care of it.   I will collect your pet from your home, provide a walk followed by a tidy up brushing and bring your dog to the ceremony and  wait until the ceremony has finished and the pictures have been taken.  I will look after your dog for the rest of the day or overnight if you require.